Welcome to the Nym Credential Library Demo.

This generates demo outputs a number of identity attributes (claims) and has a set of authorities sign them using the Coconut signature scheme.

1) First, you will be prompted for the number of attributes. You need to enter the total number of attributes.

2) Then you will be asked for a number of authorities that are authorized to verify your claims.

3) Followed by being asked for a threshold value, which is the number of authorities that must be online to verify your claims at any given instance.

Then you will be asked to enter the values of 4) public attributes and then 5) private attributes (proofs of claims).

These values of these attributes can be any number or string, and so can be W3C DIDs like "did:example:12345abcde."

6) You may then "re-randomize" your credential as many times a you want to preserve your privacy.

Then in the final step 7) you will be asked to type in the values entered for your attributes in Step 4 and Step 5 again. At the end, the demo will output a credential composed of elliptic curve points indicating whether it verified correctly

Maximum number of attributes:

Number of signing authorities:

Signing threshold:

Credential Issuance